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Tips and Tricks by Melissa Coleman:

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PowerPoint Losing Saved Changes:

So you just made a bunch of edits to your PowerPoint presentation and saved. Then you close the presentation and open it later only to discover many of your edits have reverted back to the way they were. What is going on you ask?

Well I’ve recently discovered what causes this problem.  The reason this happens is due to  having too many slide masters.

How does one get too many slide masters you ask? Well it usually happens because you have cut and pasted slides from various decks into your new presentation and when you did this you checked the selection to “Keep Source Formatting.”  This is actually totally understandable because if you choose the alternate which is “Use Destination Theme” it often screws your slide up. It may cause fonts to shift and colors to change, etc. However, when you keep source formatting you import an additional slide master or sometimes several slide masters into your new PowerPoint deck.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer here. If you’re just cutting and pasting a couple of slides in, then I would still choose “Keep Source Formatting.”  However, if you are merging slides from many different PowerPoint decks (let’s say 5 or more) then you might be better off choosing to reformat the slides now, rather than lose important changes later. I often run shows where I’m merging 10 or more presentations together, and I’ve started breaking them apart as much as possible during coffee and lunch breaks to minimize the problem.

Believe me when you’re on site and doing last minute edits all night and into the wee hours of the morning, you can’t afford to lose your changes. I’m just here to make sure you don’t suffer the agony of realizing you just lost several hours of important edits! If you have any questions just send me a message through my contact page. I’m happy to advise.