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Melissa provides exceptional presentation design and training services whether you're working in PowerPoint or Keynote, or need help training your office staff, she can help. Contact her today!

Corporate Training –  Teaching Your Staff Presentation Design Concepts and On Site Requirements

If you have a staff that currently handles your PowerPoint/Keynote needs Melissa can train them to be better presentation designers. Often staff designers are at a disadvantage because they have not run live shows so they may be unfamiliar with certain aspects of live event operation that directly influences slide design. Here are a few areas where Melissa can train your office to better provide presentation design services for your upcoming meetings:

  • Better template design allowing easy replacement of pictures/text without losing the layout
  • Knowing the size of your screen and making sure the PowerPoint/Keynote dimensions are correct before you get started
  • Stock photo and infographic options for increasing visual impact
  • Knowing how much content is too much content for a slide – less is more
  • Importance of font choice
  • Judging how many slides are appropriate for the amount of presenter speaking time
  • Paying attention to seating and placement of podium for any visual blocks that may impact important placement of information on slides
  • What computer requirements are needed for on site run of show with embedded video
  • Appropriate file sizes and when to split the show up
  • How to prepare a PowerPoint or Keynote deck for web cast
  • Preparing speakers notes for use in Presenter View and how to setup for in office rehearsals
  • Knowing what versions of PowerPoint are capable of and what happens when moving between MAC/PC platforms or from older/newer versions

These are just some of the areas that Melissa covers in her corporate training. If you’re interested in scheduling something for your office please inquire through the contact page for scheduling and pricing.